Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mr. Made New meets his match.

 during a year-long promise to God that I wouldn't spend any money on new clothing for myself,
I bought a few odds and ends to sell for LilyWhite.
One especially nice find during that year was a very soft, perfect fitting sweatshirt.
I put the words "made new" on a patch and sewed it to the front, and the shirt's been for sale at various places since then, but no one noticed its special-ness. 

Although the stage of the year-long clothing fast is over, since I got the shirt during that time,
I've refused to let myself wear/keep it.

Well, the shop (where the shirt was being stored) had a new visitor this weekend, and that new visitor landed her peepers
 on Mr.Made New, and sort of fell in love.
I named a price, she accepted, then we had a mini photo shoot in the shop's front yard.
Mr. Made New just needed the right person to recognize how great he is, and Alicia was just the girl to do that. 
The photo shoot included a 1985 industrial table of my mom's, muscles fromm (that means tina), and beautiful 
singer-girl Alicia.
 in case you want to hear the vocals yourself