Friday, September 2, 2011

maybe in Heaven? you think, God?

 If you're my face-to-face friend, it's very possible that I've asked you the important question,
"Would you rather live in an exotic tree house or an awesome water-raft-house on a lake?"
Despite the many times this question has come out of my mouth, I'm not at all tired of asking it. 
The varied opinions hold my attention.
It's definitely a close call for me, but after researching something like "awesome tree houses," (research=google image search), I'm almost convinced that a high-up, ladder-reaching-cozy treehouse is my dream home.
I think maybe God will build one for me in Glory.  

I tried to find a picture of a raft house like the one that's in my imagination, but google images came up short. 
So I'll use my words to describe it.

Wooden raft, pretty large, with a giant red sail. 
There's one big enclosed room in the middle of the raft that includes a cozy bed, pictures of your parents when they were young, white lights hanging from the ceiling, and on the walls are some stuffed bodies of big fish that you've caught in your water adventures.
On the rest of the raft are things like a nice fire place (to cook your fish on), a giant water slide, a closet full of swim suits (or trunks), a deck of cards (so you don't get bored), and a lot of awesome homemade fishing poles and spears for you to kill your supper.

Have it pictured?
Ok. So now you can decide which you want to live in. 
What will it be?
Treehouse or Raft?