Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I want to be your Oleta Grimes.

Having one person believe in you can alter the course of your life.  

By placing their confidence in you, they can give you courage, change the way you see yourself, inspire you to do something abnormal, or just make you feel a little brighter. 

I've been thinking about the individuals through my life who have said, "Go for it," "I think you're capable," and "Why not you?" As I trace these conversations, I realize that any courageous decision I've ever made has been backed up by a friend, parent, or mentor, telling me that they have confidence in me. Sometimes, I only had one person's belief, but it was enough to get me going. 

What believing in someone can do!

Let's talk about Oleta Grimes. 
You've probably never heard of her, but I think it's safe to say she has had an impact on the world. She was a fifth grade school teacher in Mississippi at East Tupelo Consolidated School and in 1945, she had a boy in her class named Elvis. One day she asked if anyone would like to lead the class in prayer, and this boy volunteered. After praying, he began singing "Old Shep." Mrs. Grimes thought the boy could sing, so she told him that he should enter a radio talent contest at the annual
 Mississippi-Alabama fair in Tupelo. 

Because of his fifth grade teacher, Elvis made his first public performance.

Now had Mrs. Grimes not recognized Elvis' talent and said, "Go for it," someone else may have, but as it is, this gal was the first fan of millions that Elvis would have. 

I'm afraid that there are lots of people living way different that they were intended to, because they don't have the courage to do the things that God put inside of them. I want to be a dream-builder in peoples' lives, letting them know that they are well able to accomplish a lot. 

“Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do'em all together, I guess.”
-Elvis, 1956