Thursday, September 22, 2011

first time for everything.

table setting: flowers stolen from the neighbor's yard & a mirror & 
great grandma's mason jar.

 let's be honest, I'm not much of a cook.
my Grandma Nita, on the other hand, very much so is.
In fact, she's good at every part of womanhood.
Her house is surrounded by beautiful flowers, she's graceful, she bakes pies, her home is the cleanest I've ever been in, and she cooks delicious meals every single day.

She has cooked 100's of meals for me, starting when I was a wee little thing. From ages 1 to 5, she babysat me 2 days a week and made oatmeal for me every morning. (with lots of brown sugar)
 I still love oatmeal.

I recently thought, 
"by gum, I'm 23 years old, and have never cooked a meal for my grandma. I'm going to change that."
so I did.
I was sort of nervous, 
but it turned out decently.
Made chicken parmesan, steamed vegetables, garlic bread and a little olive oil dip.
Oh! with apple cider, which was probably my favorite part. The grocery store 1 block from my house that I walk to was giving away free samples of this very delicious apple cider and their method worked because I bought some. 
me and grandma just had a delightful time.
And she brought me a present! She handed it to me, wrapped and everything, as soon as she walked in the door, and said,
"A present for the hostess with the mostess."
She's a good rhymer. (the present was very nice smelling lotion)

After our meal we sat in the living room and talked.
She and my grandpa lived in that house right after they were married, and it was my dad's first home when he was a baby.
She told me stories about when she lived there.
I love that woman.