Monday, September 12, 2011

dear pretty-much-everyone-I-know,

thanks for giving me things all the time.
Soooooo many people I know, and a few I don't know, are constantly giving me things. 
Almost everyday of my life I have on at least one item of clothing and/or jewelry that
someone has given me. 
Today, for instance, my bottom half is sporting a pair of cut-off Levi's that an elderly lady in my town dropped off at my parents' house, along with some scraps of denim.
That may sound odd to you, but it's a very normal thing to happen in my life. 
Sometimes, I get home, and on my back steps there is a garbage sack full of who-knows-what that somebody thought I could make use of.

So yeah, to you and your giving hands, thanks.

p.s. getting ready for Bible study tonight. Gonna make brownies, and carry blankets to my backyard for an outdoor one.

p.p.s. I now own a pair of Chacos. Feeling pretty proud, and I've already gone on a few walking adventures in them. (one was yesterday and included my neighbor, a pond, and rain. fun)