Friday, August 12, 2011

wanting to see the face.

I've read some great books this summer, and have listened to some great new tunes.

Last night, while laying in bed and reading the last stretch of "Somebody Else's Kids" by Torey Hayden, I realized how throughout the entire reading of the book, I'd been picturing in my mind what Hayden looked like. I stayed on this thought for awhile, and soon discovered that not only had I been picturing her face in my mind, but I'd created an entire image for this gal, and throughout the few weeks I've been reading the book, I have spent a good deal of time thinking about what she is truly like. I've pondered details such as her age, her college education, and so on.

The thought train didn't end there. "By gum," I thought, "I do this with lots of things!"

Driving down the road listening to good music, it's common for me to be imagining what the musician is like in the middle of an ordinary day or when reading the Bible, I wonder things like "How many meals a day did the apostle Paul eat?"

Mind you, all of this revelation occurred in about a 45-second time span, and wasn't even significant enough to make me put my book down, but I liked these thoughts. I like learning new something about my thought processes.

I think details of human beings' lives are fascinating. Especially when they're human beings who have had an impact on my own life.

I want to see the faces behind the words that I'm so enthralled with. Words to a song, words in a book, I'd like to take a gander at the (I imagine) sweet life in the background. Since the authors and musicians that have affected my life most likely won't be available for a chat at any of my morning-coffee locations (my living room, 97% of the time), I'll just stick to using my imagination as to what they're like. And I'm ok with that.