Monday, August 22, 2011

this week's people.

I meet lots of people.
In order to not be greedy and keep interesting humans to myself, I'm going to give a once a week update on the neat qualities/things about the people whom I've recently met. So here we are.

Jennifer: She has a tattoo curving across her foot that says "Bibliophile," which means, "lover of books." She's a freshman in college, and is majoring in, you guessed it, literature. She was an atheist until finally agreeing to go to church with her friend 3 months ago. Been serving Jesus ever since.

Joe: He hasn't cried in 3 years.

Tim: His mom used to be a vet at a zoo and one time when he was a kid, a momma penguin died, and she had a couple babies, so Tim's mom brought them home and took care of them for 3 months. Not many children get to play with penguins at their house, but Tim did.

He's 6' 8" tall.

The cool thing about people is that not one single one of them is the same. Way to go and be creative, God. Kudos.