Monday, August 8, 2011

life in home; life in heart

Today I went to my Grandma Darlene's for a I'm-back-in-Illinois-let's-catch-up session, and she wasn't home. I left her a note, stuck in the wreath on the front door, and as I was getting ready to pull out, I spotted the most enormous flower I'd ever seen. It was by itself, standing tall, red, and proud.

I took a picture of it next to my head, to compare the two in size. I think the flower won.

Today was my first real day back in society.
Drove the 8-hour journey back on Saturday, and surprised my parents with a 2-day-early arrival. They were thrilled. (naturally)
Went to church/napped all day yesterday, so today was a new start back in the Land of Lincoln.

Went to the Doctor for the first time in a long time. And ONLY because this stinkin ear infection has been persistent for 3 weeks. I caved in and paid the doc a visit. He peeked inside my ear and found some bacteria nesting in there. So I got 2 antibiotics and some over the counter-clear-your-head-out stuff.

Got my oil changed. When the mechanic, as usual, told me about the 30 other things I needed to purchase to make my car in better shape, I stood strong and said, "No. No thank you."
Feel pretty proud of myself.

Spent most of the rest of the day cleaning my house.
It turns out that leaving a home empty for 10 weeks produces a lot of cob webs, mouse poop, and a whole lot of dust.

As I was cleaning away this afternoon, I thought about how no one had been in there to make a mess, but a mess was made in my home simply because there had been no life in it for 10 weeks. (besides mouse and spider life)

If a home doesn't have life, it gets dirty,
and I believe it's the same with a heart.
Take Jesus out of there, and even if there's nothing to make a mess, a mess will still be made in the heart, simply from lack of life.

Soon you'll have a whole nasty pile of stuff that you've got to sweep right out,
as pictured here.
In other news,
I miss camp a bit.
One of the big reasons I miss it is pictured below.

p.s. Read Isaiah 35 several times in the past 24 hours.
Like it a lot.