Sunday, August 28, 2011

home home home again.

The most recent pressing question,
"Should I go or should I stay?" has been answered.
I should stay.
(for awhile, at least : )

So here I am, back in my hometown.
Back to eating Sunday dinners with my parents,
back to dates with my grandma,
back to high schoolers filling my house,
back to playing the piano in my dining room,
back to helping my mom with photography,
back to serving my church youth group,
back to sewing clothes in a crammed full shop on a farm,
and back to where I love to be.

The farm hasn't changed much.
However, there is one change.
My dad is now very interested in rocks.
On the table beside his recliner, he has a pile of them, and a light-up magnifying glass. At his urging, I examined one last night.

Today, I discovered the ultimate goal of his rock-studies.

"I'm really wanting to find a meteorite," he said.

Then my mom, sitting in her chair next to his recliner, said, "Lord Jesus, we just pray in Your Name that dad will find a meteorite. Amen."

It's good to be back.