Sunday, July 17, 2011

to Canada and back.

I don't take birthdays lightly.

So when Alison and I started becoming attached, and I found out her birthday was July 18th, I got down-right excited.

In celebration of 21 years on earth, when we finished our camp week on Friday evening, we made the three-hour venture from Allegan, to Detroit, across the grand Ambassador Bridge, and into the land of Canada.

Now the plan was to spend the night in the back of my car, gypsy (and free) style, but when Alison told her mom about our plan, she sternly protested.

She said if we promised to not stay in a parking lot, which, according to her, is where people look for girls like us, then she would treat us to a hotel room.

we promised.

Now, let's keep in mind that for the past 7 weeks, Al and I have spent the night in somewhat roughing-it type cabins, with no running water, walking to the bath house for restroom use, and our feet haven't stopped being dirty because the minute you get out of the shower, you're in sand, dirt, and/or centipedes.

Also keep in mind that I love it, and am not trying to earn your sympathy. I don't deserve it.

But it wasn't until we layed upon this fluffy bed, turned on a TV, and took a shower in a real live bathroom, that we realized how pampered our lives were prior to camp.

That hotel room was so luxurious.

Neither one of us are real planners, so the next day was spent exploring, and stumbling upon some great finds, like this Bubble Tea stand. This is significant because Alison has been searching for bubble tea for weeks.

We then walked down a really beautiful street, Ouellette, where we found great coffee, great Thai food, and looked at Detroit across the water.

We made a friend in a store called Roots, that sells the softest organic cotton clothes you've ever felt.

Our new friend was from India/Michigan/Canada.

I bought a gigantic gray shirt with a grizzly bear on it.

We made another friend in a souvenir shop. He was from Croatia. From him, we bought some postcards, a coffee mug, and a t-shirt for Al's mom.

We crossed back over the Ambassador Bridge on Saturday evening, and made the journey back "home," listening to Misty Edwards, Coldplay, some blues, and Regina Spektor.