Saturday, July 30, 2011

sweet taste in my mouth.

Allegan, MI, population 4,960, has been good to me.

Weekends at the laundromat, Goodwill, Subway, and front yards/garages of countless homes selling treasures, have combined to a make an Allegan taste in my mouth that will always be sweet.

Today marks the last official Saturday spent adventuring with Alison. Tomorrow, our last crew of campers will arrive for a grand finale week.

This special saturday was spent the usual way, with a bit more memory-making in the air, knowing we will be parting soon.

Starters: 1/2 off sale at Goodwill. (sort of been waiting all month for it) Bought some gray jeans, a t-shirt with a picture of a man mowing on it, blue bandana, picture of a sailboat, and 2 earrings as presents for 2 special friends.

Late Morning: laundry.

As our clothes were washing, we explored some nearby streets. Went into an antique shop where I found the best wallpaper I've ever seen.

Afternoon: Al and I parted ways, and I hung out with Jesus on a blanket by the lake.

Evening: Joined with Al again, we headed to eat and found a sale on the way.

Says so much, in so few of words.

Present: drinking coffee.

I like it when this girl's across from me.

Gonna miss her real bad.

Getting ready to go bowling with some pals. (In Allegan at a bowling alley called Sunset Lanes. told you it was cute here)

Looking forward to meeting my (last) new girls tomorrow. Going to spend the week bringing as much fun and as much Jesus into their lives as possible.
I like good endings, and I imagine this summer is going to have one.

p.s. made eye contact with a black squirrel today for at least 10 seconds.