Saturday, July 23, 2011

really hot and really happy.

Week 7 of Camp Beechpoint proved to be the best one yet.

The heat index was 110, but I've never minded a good sweat.

I had ten young ladies in my cabin, ages 13 and 14, who fit together perfectly. We all became friends right off, and taught each other a lot. They taught me some new terms like "low key," which means something like "seriously," or "for real." I taught them things like the story of Jesus rescuing the woman caught in adultery, and that Jesus is still in the rescuing business.

When they arrived at camp, 9 of the 10 ladies were Christians. When they left camp, 10 of the 10 ladies were Christians. After an intense conversation about demons, fear, and God's Love, sweet number 10 invited Jesus to become King of her life.

Something that's wonderful about working at this camp is how easy it is to preach the Gospel. These kids come to you, they can't leave, and we just hand them the message of the Cross.

Several quality quotes made it into my journal.

I'll share a couple.

"She don't run like a white girl."

-a camper praising my running style

"You look like Tinkerbell. Or a fairy. Or somethin'."

-a camper studying the things tied in my hair

"I'm glad God made beautiful men."

-12 year-old camper

p.s. You'd be doing yourself a favor to download some music by United Pursuit.