Saturday, July 9, 2011

my family and other beautiful things.

On Friday, July 1, I was sitting at a table with six 11-year olds, waiting for our end-of-the-camp-week awards ceremony to begin.
I was waiting very anxiously, because my five favorite human beings were scheduled to arrive any minute.
With a glance out the window, I saw sister Kara Jo.
Very quickly, I excused myself from my campers and darted out the door.
Once out the door, I saw what was perhaps the most beautiful sight of 2011 thus far:
My poppa, my momma, sister meagan,sister kara,
and nephew siler randy.

right there, at Camp Beechpoint.

I cried.

When King David said "my cup overflows,"
I know just exactly what he meant.

then I ran up to my dad real fast and
wrapped my arms around his neck.

then I did the same with the other 4, and didn't put siler down until 30 minutes later.

They made the 7 1/2 hour journey from the southern IL to the southern MI to see your's truly.

Our short but wonderful 2ish days together included walking through quaint michigan streets, eating ice cream, laughing hard, visiting lake michigan, which, as it turns out, looks just like the kind of beach you'd find at the ocean. (minus the salt and sharks and stuff)

On our first night together, after the longest time we'd ever been apart, Siler and I felt very, very sentimental towards one another. He said things like,
"I really like you Abbie. I'm with you 'cause I love you."

There's this place here called Crane's, that's like an orchard/restaurant place in a small town called Fennville. They have another restuarant branch in downtown Holland that has delicious coffee. We ate at both of Crane's two branches this weekend, and enjoyed each.

since it was July 4th weekend, there was patriotism floating through the air. Take this guy for instance, who wore his American flag chucks to show his love for the the USA.

After reminding each other of how much love we have for one another, my five favorites hopped in my Grandma's mini van and drove down the lane, back to eight hours south.

Then, 2 hours later, I got a new arrival of 7 energetic and loving 10-year olds.

My co-leader, which changes weekly, was my girl Alison. So naturally, we had a wonderful 6 days.

Our cabin, "Esther's Estate," won cabin of the week, and our girls were given medals to adorn their necks. Pride filled our hearts and we then said our farewells.

Anyways. This has been a hodgepodge, but that's kind of how my life is.