Saturday, June 25, 2011

laundromat blurbs.

First week of resident camp is over, and God put His Grace on it.

The girls were great, and I got 7 new friends out of the ordeal.

Tomorrow, a new crowd of suitcase-in-hand, nervous, smiling children will arrive, and we will spend the week getting to know them, pouring Jesus into them, and making sure they have a fun, action-packed week.

In the meantime, on this peaceful Saturday, I'm waiting for my laundry to get done drying, then driving to Holland with my Allison to get bubble tea and sushi.

p.s. Last Saturday's adventures included dropping by a tattoo parlor, where a man named Chuck gave me a dred. I just got one, as a trial, and so far, I like him. I named him Junior and he fits in well with the rest of my fabric-woven Jack Sparrow hair.
p.p.s. For the past 6 years, on this very day, I am packed and getting ready for Cornerstone music festival, aka, the best week of my year. This year, due to this new camp counselor thing, I will not be attending. It feels like I'm breaking up with the man I love.
I'll see you next year, Cornerstone.