Saturday, June 18, 2011

exploring michigan.

that pretty lady in pink is my new great friend from florida.

Her name is Allison and she likes to couch surf, has been introducing me to lots of new music, and is currently sitting across from me in the laundromat floor, with a bird bandana tied in her hair.

she's a camp beechpoint cabin leader, too, and we both love it.

Saturdays are our free days, so this is how they go for us:

sleep until we feel like getting up (usually 9:45 ish)

go eat some cereal

get dressed in real clothes (in comparison to our normal camp counselor clothes)

fill our car with great music and hit the road

From here, we go to whatever neighboring towns that we feel like visiting.

Let me just say that I had no idea Michigan was so quaint looking!

Seriously, every town is like a picture: cute cottages with American flags hanging from the front porches, and pretty landscaping. AND every town I've been in so far has at least one very decent re-sale shop.

we try on wedding dressings at Goodwills, buy coffee, eat fresh food, go to garage sales (Michigan loves garage sales), buy groceries, and enjoy each other's company.

today I bought a $10 trumpet, and she bought a canon film camera.

As far as the camp counseling goes, I love it.

All day long, I hang out with beautiful 10-13 year old girls.

We canoe and rock climb and shoot bow and arrows and make campfires and sing songs and talk about Jesus.