Tuesday, May 3, 2011

homemade dress & happiness.

this tuesday evening was spent making a new homemade dress for

tina marie.

she's the kind of friend that is always going above and beyond in the friendship department. Gifts, meals, and phone calls are 3 things she gives me a lot of.

so when she asks, "can you make me a new dress?" every now and then,

I'm always excited to get to pay her back just a little bit.

Lace (from a curtain) on top, lots of floral patches on bottom, a purple zipper down the back, and 2 important words, "pray always," on the shoulder.

All combined together for one cute dress, on one cute girl.

I make these things (and other things, too) as part of my living, and if you want one, you can have one for a mere $50.

for an order.