Tuesday, May 10, 2011

and there it came, after 4 years of waiting.

what has never been given a formal title, so has been deemed "monday night Bible study," has been going strong for nearly 5 years now.

Once, and only once, shortly after the event's creation, I dragged all the attendees out to my parents' front yard for what I was very excitedly referring to as "Bible study in the great outdoors."

It, like many things in life that I think are great ideas, turned into not-a-very-good-idea-at-all.

An animal on my parents' farm had recently died, and the aromas thereof drafted over and landed in the midst of our Bible study.

On top of that, everyone got a bit distracted with a giant spider and played with it, instead of listening to my oh-so-fascinating teaching. (sarcasm)

So. I felt that "Bible study in the great outdoors" may have died forever that night. But, in my heart, I held the secret hope that maybe it would be redeemed someday.

So on Monday, May 9, about four years after the failure, 80 degrees and a breeze convinced me to try again.

I gathered supplies for icecream Sundays, borrowed the neighbor's picnic table, hauled most of my living room chairs into my backyard, spread out some fabric on the grass, and lit some tiki torches. The result was a backyard Bible study that proved the worthwhile-ness of secret hopes, yard furniture, and redemption.