Tuesday, April 26, 2011

weeks like this, when love's so seen.

"I love mommy. And you and Daddy and Pa-pa and Grandma and Meagan and Pa-pa. I love everybody," said Siler Randy this afternoon. (Pa-pa mentioned twice, for emphasis)

This is day five of staying in Kentucky with my sister, watching her 2-year-old little wonder. Today, for the second day in a row, Siler and I found ourselves hunkered in the hallway, because a tornado had been spotted in town. Neither of us were too worried, partly because the sun was shining, and partly because the hallway seemed really safe, and equipped with graham crackers and juicy.

So we just talked. He told me about his love for everybody, found a "secret place" to hide his food and tractor, and explained how big storms blow trees over.

Weather here is really out of control right now, and there is major lightning and thunder happening outside the window this very second. I'm using my brother-in-law's computer, so don't really mind if it gets zapped by lightning. (kidding, of course...I'm trying to hurry)

This is how the past 5 days have looked: Sharing a twin bed with Siler, who is a tad rowdy when he sleeps; watching Alice in Wonderland, as Siler does all the same moves as Alice with his own sword when she's slaying the Jabberwocky; getting lots of delicious food bought for me by my sister sugar-mommas; watching Sean the Sheep, if you have a child in your life, I highly suggest watching this show with them (you'll both be entertained); playing hide-n-seek; getting lots of hugs and kisses; afternoon naps, and LOTS of reading. (started and finished Atonement Child)

Last night, I took a little break from my nanny duties and went to a show with my dear friend Katie. It was a pretty intimate coffee shop setting, with approximately 7 people in attendance, but included quality music and quality company. The show's star, Heather Bond,and her fellas, unplugged for an acoustic, Beatles finale.

Weeks like this, of not exactly being "productive," but soaking up life and relationships, are one of my very favorite kinds.