Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a dad like that.

I've needed new tires for awhile.
How does one know they need new tires?
When one has to put air in them more than once a week because one's "put air in your tires" light keeps coming on.
That's how.

So I put it off for a few reasons, the number one being a fairly tight budget that didn't feel like letting go of several hundred dollars for some circular black rubber.

But the time came for a 6-hour road trip (to surprise a friend on her birthday! I'll share about that later) and my dad said it's not safe to go on that sort of adventure with bad tires.
So we had a "take care of your car" day and went to Speed Lube's for an oil change, new fuel filter, new air filter, and then to a tire shop for 4 brand new Michelins.

I listened to my dad talk car-talk with the mechanics, waited while he picked out Michelin tires "because they're the best," and chatted with him in the tire shop waiting room about fatherhood.

Fatherhood is something he knows a lot about.
Spending an entire afternoon taking care of his daughter's car needs, surprising her by paying for all those car needs, then squatting beside her new tire in the parking lot so she can take a picture with her camera phone--all normal activities for a dad devoted to his children.

I love him.