Wednesday, March 16, 2011


amo la sicilia.
that means "I love Sicily" in Italian.
And it's the truth.

Last week I got back from a VERY fun 5-day venture to Italy with Leigh Gray.
Usually at least once a day, we laughed so hard we cried.

We ate approximately 12,000 calories a day, and enjoyed every bite.
We talked to interesting British folks on plane rides, hung out with military wives,
stayed at a navy base and an agriturismo, ate fresh blood oranges, and shopped at an Italian market.

I learned a LOT about military life, became bffs with leigh, and felt overwhelmingly grateful for life.

We had a 15-hour layover in London, where we slept on a tiny little bench in a cafe' in the airport.

We got really giggly and ridiculous.

All in all, a fantastic trip.

providing music to our outdoor meal.
freshly squeeze blood orange juice.
carnevale! superb meal.