Wednesday, March 30, 2011

mom and louisville and a parking garage.

On Tuesday, my mom and I went on a road trip to Louisville, Ky., where we went to a Professional Photographer's of America conference, called "The Power of Passion."
With a name like that, I knew it should be good.
and it was.
I've been an "assistant" to my mom every now and again for years, but now that I live I nearby, it's becoming more regular and f.u.n.
I help make kids laugh during family sessions, come up with weird ideas during senior sessions, think of romantic situations during engagement sessions, and have a lot of fun running around on wedding days. (plus hold big reflector things when she asks)

The conference was a tour put on by Sandy Puc' and Australian wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis, both of whom know how to take a picture.
It was all about wedding photography, and pretty educational.

My favorite part of the whole day, however, was just hanging out with my mom.
We went a few hours early and had lunch with my cousin who lives in louisville.
We ate at Chop Chop Salad's, and it was 1.) interesting 2.) delicious 3.) like Coldstone Creamery for salads.
THEN, we had 3 hours before the conference started.
We didn't particularly want to get lost, and we were already downtown by the hotel where the conference was, so we decided what might not be a bad idea is to hang out in the hotel's
parking garage for 3 hours.
so that's what we did.
We took naps, chatted, and had a good time.
Gate L2 will live on in my heart as a cozy, concrete, mother-daughter place.