Monday, March 28, 2011

funny-colored hair and learning not to care.

I used to care a big awful lot about what I looked like.
Vanity, I think, comes naturally to most women, and is something to be fought.
Since I began listening to Jesus somewhere around age 16, I began fighting the things that needed to be fought in my life, vain conceit being one of them.

In high school, I did a few different things to let my vain thoughts know I wasn't going to let them keep hanging out in my head.
One time I stopped changing clothes for a week.
I wore the same jeans, shoes, and t-shirt to school, Monday through Friday.
(washing them a couple times)
The shirt said "Jesus is beauty."
It did something for my "I have to look awesome at school" feelings, and also let me relate to folks who don't have a lot of choice when it comes to what to wear.
The last and main reason for the strange decision was to communicate to both my high school and myself, that Jesus is the cause of beauty, and it has nothing to do with a face or a wardrobe.

Another time I fasted mirrors and makeup.
For a week, from Sunday to Sunday, I didn't touch makeup or look in a mirror.
It did something for my "I have to look in the mirror an hour before going to school" feelings, and also allowed a lot more time for me to spend with God in the mornings.

Nowadays, I'm far from vanity-free, but still getting closer.
I've stopped dying/perming/any other type of chemical-ing my hair.

I used to have some, in my opinion, pretty sweet looking hair.
It was gigantic, curly, and bright blonde, sort of like a lion.

However, the gigantic/curly-ness came from a perm, and the bright blonde-ness came from a dye job.
I'm in this I-want-my-hair-to-be-the-real-thing-growing-out-my head kick.
For a few reasons, the first being I felt it was a waste to spend so much money on my hair.
In comparison to people starving/orphans not having pillows,
even just a few dollars spent on hair looks ridiculous.

And the mere fact that it's so much better for my poor hair.

I've got some very honest friends who, during this new natural kick, have told me my hair could use some tlc, and it would greatly improve my image.
Yes, yes, I know, but I'm just not going to do it.

So onward I march, with 6-inch brown roots, and strange 1/2 curly, 1/2 straight hair.
Let's go.