Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a house full of red hearts.

I had red heart fever.
Each guest who came to Bible Study Valentines Extravaganza 2011 received a red cut-out heart & 2 safety pins. Remember that sweet scene in Julie & Julia? Our own version was re-lived in my living room last night.
there were 0 couples at the extravaganza, but we all, from ages 12 to 29, love each other very much.
besides the red hearts on each chest, there were red heart banners hanging in door ways.
I tried, for the first time in my life, making soup. It turned out tasting just like butter melted in a pot of water. My red-shirted friend, John, tried saving it, but couldn't.
Thankfully, there were plenty of pink+red treats to fill us up on sugar, so we didn't need soup.

Since this was a Bible study turned into a Valentine's party, we spent most of our evening
talking about Jesus.
The theme of the discussion was sharing the Gospel, a topic that can't be spoken on enough.
it was a room full of preachers-of-the-Gospel, people whose lives are impacting the Kingdom of Heaven, and people I'm proud to know.

p.s. a most romantic table setting made of a rug from India, a Love Story record, and some sort of flowery things my mom and I picked in a field.