Saturday, December 25, 2010

white Christmas.

It started snowing on Christmas Eve morning.
the flakes were big, and they landed on the earth with one purpose in mind:
to give us all a white Christmas.
my parents driveway was soon frosted like icing on a cake.
cousins, aunts, & uncles drove through the icing and filled our house full of laughter and love.
we built pyramids & ate mexican food & played mafia.

the next day, my family took Christmas morning slowly. We slept in, cooked, and had a miniature gift exchange. (the real one will come on the 28th, when we're reunited with the other sister and her family)

The mini exchange included a white Case pocket knife from my daddy.
I told him I liked it and he said, "What do you like about it?"
I said, "I like it because it's tough."
At Noon, we headed over to dad's side of the family where we ate the best food imaginable.
I got a 12-cup coffee maker, fancy coffee, & a cool mini dress form.
Most of all, I got to be around people I really love.

This day marks the beginning of the most beautiful life ever lived: God's Son sent as the world's Savior.
I'm so glad Jesus came, and I'm thrilled to call myself His own.