Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a superman dad & a great idea.

this evening i got a hankrin to build a wooden board Christmas tree.
my pal jodi told me about one she saw in anthropologie, so i checked it out for myself and then decided i needed one. except scrap-wood-from-the-barn style, and built by my own hands.

so i said, "dad, will you teach me how to use mom's brad air nailer? and can i have some old boards?"

then he said, "yes."

note that i said "mom's" brad air nailer. that's because my mom is the toughest female in Illinois and for Christmas she asks for tools instead of clothing or other normal woman stuff.

anyways, dad and i searched the farm for cool old barn wood (there's plenty) and i got some lessons on how-not-to-nail-my-hand.

and work on my new wooden Christmas tree has begun.
i think i'm going to name it something.
like Randy, after my dad, or lucy, after lucille ball.

hopefully i'll get it done tomorrow and don't worry, i'll show you some pictures.

i think i may take to our LilyWhite store, so more people can get the pleasure of looking at it.