Wednesday, December 29, 2010

reading and what it does.

My legit and wise brother-in-law gave me about 15 books last week.
needless to say, I've been quite the little reader the past few days.

Starting with "A Simple Path" by Mother Teresa, and mixed in with some "What the Heck Am I Going to do with My Life?" by Margaret Feinberg, I'm learning all kinds of things.

Maybe because Mother Teresa chose to live in poverty in order to better serve the poor, or because I'm flying to India in 3 weeks, or a combination, I'm determined to get lower.

In a world that's striving for the fanciful heights of wealth, it's difficult to remember that the God I'm serving says things like,
"if you have 2 coats, better give 1 to the poor."
I have lots of coats.

If we (me, God, and the words on the pages) keep going at this rate, then by book #15 I'll be a lot better than what I am right now.

Matt. 5:5 "Blessed are the meek and lowly, for the they shall inherit the earth."