Friday, November 12, 2010


For 5 days, which comes out to about 120 hours, I was with my dad.
There was a photography conference in New Orleans put on by the biggest of wigs in the photography world, so my mom signed up.

Dad and I decided we ought as well tag along.
So. While mom learned about lighting & marketing & soft boxes,
all day everyday me and my favorite guy explored the city.

He went to museums that I wasn't interested in, so I sat outside & read, took pictures of people, & listened to street music.

I'm not sure how I haven't known about
pinkberry frozen yogurt up until this point in my life, but goodness, I'm just glad I discovered it before I wasted any more time without it.

mango flavored, with blackberries, kiwis, honey granola & carmel. geeze. you should go to a pinkberry, asap.

we spent approximately 80% of our day walking. while we walked we talked about how that city isn't where we'd want to be during an earthquake, how they made those buildings so big, where we should eat our next meal, and siler. mom got to take breaks sometimes and walk with us.

in our exploring we stumbled upon a few courtyard cafes.
walk through a secret brick tunnel and there they are.
and with them come pastries, iced coffee, chargrilled catfish, & sunlight.

let's not forget to mention that we drooooove.

9 hours there. 9 hours back.
i finished I Know why the Caged Bird Sings, Beyond the Soiled Curtain, and got 1/2 through a book on mother teresa.
it was sort of a really long time in the back of a car, but books & sleep & funny parents made it more than bearable.

this trip to N'awlins produced a new pair of toms (!), a t-shirt for dad (picturing a racoon wearing a bandana, in fact), lots of knowledge for mom, 2 trips to a dine-in movie theater (watched "Conviction" and "The Social Network,") and some sweetly good memories.

p.s. i made a new friend on the trip, too.

When the jester played for the King and Queen
in a coat he borrowed from James Dean

And a voice that came from you and me