Tuesday, November 2, 2010


spent the weekend in Memphis.
it was a my-entire-family-crammed-in-a-mini-van trip & its purpose was to photograph families living in the inner-city.

this was our 2nd year going, and our 2nd year having a great time.
a couple years ago, my momma, who is a professional photographer & a saint, figured that these families may never have professional family pictures, so she decided she'd take them herself, & buy pictures for each family.
our friend Jay from Shine in the Dark
then delivers the pictures to each family.

my favorite part of the day was JaDarius.
He's two years old, a great monster impersonator, and happy.the photography session is a family function for us.
my dad plays with puppets and makes cow noises to get the kids to laugh, sister meagan takes names when people come in & explains when they'll get their pictures, sister Kara takes care of baby siler, brother H.L. researches where we are going to eat that night, my momma does all the photography-related stuff & treats everyone real special, and I pose them.
we finished off our day with Gus's famous fried chicken & a slumber party in Motel 6.