Tuesday, October 5, 2010

magical sister, magical place.

my sister is a princess.

i graduated from college and she was really proud of me, so she took me on a graduation treat to the most magical place on the earth.

Since we are both princesses, we fit right in.

every day was a celebration of rides and shows and fireworks and fancy-nancy food. my favorite show was Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios. Mickey Mouse vs. all the most wicked of Disney villains. At first, Mickey is very scared and it looks like he may lose. THEN, at the climax, Mr. Mouse says, "You guys may think you're tough, but this is MY dream." then he brings out fireworks and waterfalls and conquers them all. heck yes.
we ate the fanciest food that's ever been in my mouth. like lobster & ethopian honey bread & halibut.

this is sister meagan, patiently waiting in Animal Kingdom Lodge for our African supper! yum.

Coffee in a Disney cup every morning...except everybody else at disney world knew where to find lids for their coffee except me, so i drank lid-less coffee very every day.finally, the last day, i discovered one. I was pretty happy about that lid.

Port Orleans Riverside...our home for the week.

i love that castle. i love those fireworks. i love my princess sister.