Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a friend & a ship.

The last few days were spent on a cruise ship with my tina nugget & jillian michaels.
tina nugget is really in love with jillian, so her mom treated her to a cruise that featured wonderwoman herself. since i'm tina's pal, and her mom has a heart of gold, she treated me, too.
(except if i get rich someday i'm going to pay her back)

this wasn't an ordinary cruise.
take the food, for instance.
ms. michaels totally re-made the menus on the entire ship, so our food was gluten-free, sugar-free, and sometimes taste-free.
we mostly had watermelon, cereal, & coffee.
my plate often looked like this.
we spent lots of time out on the walk-ways, just staring at the ocean.
sometimes we'd sing little mermaid songs, wonder if we lived if we fell into the water, and look for whales.
there was also some miniature harmonica playing.

one of our stops was in nassau, bahamas. I went on a mission trip to nassau in the spring, so I searched out some of the gals I'd prayed with. they work in the straw market and when I found them, they remembered me! They caught me up on their lives and I prayed with them.
this is terrah.
we went to a jillian michaels workout, which made us both pretty sore, ate delicious japanese & bahamian food (cheating a little), got all dolled up in the evenings, watched drunk ladies dance, spent a night & day in miami, got sunburnt, and didn't leave each other's side for 5 days.

it was pretty fantastic. i love tina. and the ocean.

p.s. since getting off that boat, I've been dumping protein powder into my drinks, making organic coffee, & running again.

p.p.s. you can't put a price tag on inspiration.