Thursday, September 2, 2010

went in and came out.

went into goodwill and came out with a make-me-feel-like-i'm-riding-a-hippo-in-africa rug, a floral plate to add to my 100% mis-matched plate collection, a straw hat, & a nice smelling candle. poppa and i are both proud of my purchases.

went into an anthropologie store in St. Louis and came out inspired. saw a table made out of books and got a hankrin for a book-stack nightstand. so i bought 39 encylopedias at the salvation army (for less than $2), cleaned out my parents' book collection, and got to piling.

Went into Lou Fest and came out wiser. i learned about bad attitudes, failures, great chocolate, loving people who are different than me, and the importance of companionship.