Tuesday, July 6, 2010

cornerstone music festival.

year #6 for me, and i think it was the best one of all. this girl is my little princess. her name is chantal and she's from the Dominican Republic, and lives in New York with her family. we met her last year and we became best friends. i asked Jesus for her to please come back again this year, and He listened.

these are my closest cornerstone companions. tina, she puts the "t" in LilyWhite., jordan, bestfriend/business partner, and kristin miley, who is thoughtful, helpful, and the kind of person that makes you feel good about you. one of the most wonderful parts of cornerstone is a place called hammock city. my brotherman builds about 12 hammocks in a circle of trees right smack-dab next to the lake. then a community of friends lounges in hammock city all week. we talk about marriage, our #1 bands of the past year, the big fish that live in the lake, & our schedules for the day. and my friends the shyrock sisters camp there with me. at night time i sleep to the one closest to the lake and get freezing cold but don't mind because the sky is so beautiful.
LilyWhite. did swell. girls like this one bought dresses & bags & bracelets & stuff. and some boys bought manly things like tough bracelets & tees. it's so so encouraging to see people like the stuff that you've been making. thank you, Savior.

before this fest, we prayed that Jesus would bless everything about the week. and that's what He did. i'll never deserve the kindness that He dumps on me.