Friday, May 14, 2010

the strangest week of my life.

i've been in school since i was 5 years old. that's 17 years.

and now, all of a sudden, i'm not.

so the day after graduating college, and a lifetime of education, i moved back to my hometown. i've spent the past week making this house, 303, as cozy, warm, & full of semimental items as possible.

the week has also been full of company, high-schoolers over for lunch, planting flowers, buying groceries, crying, a slumber party, eating healthier, & telling Jesus i'm all His.

change is weird. big change is even weirder.

if i had a dollar for everytime someone asked me, "so what are you doing with your degree?" i would have at least $35. if this question is on your mind, my answer is,

"sewing and hanging out with teenagers." that's right.

as for my "getting blessings level," it's off the radar. my parents keep giving me wonderful things, most of them having belonged to a great grandparent.
and house-warming presents melt my heart.

that's my friend lauren and a plant we named leslie.

i'm learning to trust Jesus, that when He tells me i'm not a loser, He's telling the truth.

if He wants me to live in a town of 1,000 people for the rest of my life, cooking lunch for teenagers & making clothes, then yes, my answer is yes.