Monday, February 8, 2010

people keep amazing me.

i don't deserve to have so many people in my life who are so, so good to me. but i do. it's like God knew i would need a lot of help, so He took the most helpful, caring people on the earth and dumped them into my lap.

like her.

my sister meagan rae. this isn't pretending. she really plays the accordian.

she lets me live in her beautiful cottage with an entire floor to myself. for FREE. i love that word. really, she pays the gas bill, the water bill, the electric bill, does the cleaning, buys the toilet paper. while i pay NOTHING. i just hang out, drink her milk, sneak my dirty clothes into her laundry hamper, steal her light bulbs when she's not looking, and use up all her paper and printer ink. THEN. she goes and does stuff like takes me out to eat at cracker barrel and buys me packs of gum. wow.

the past 2 nights i've had 2 friends do really surprising, really kind things for me. it's just shocking how good God is, and how much He shows up in His people.

In Ruth 1:8, Naomi prayed that the Lord would reward her daughters-in-law for their kindness towards her. I have so much praying to do. that the many people in my life who keep showing me kindness will be rewarded. that the Lord will give back to them even more than they've given to me.

ahhhh!! tonight feels so full.

p.s. in 2 hours i won't be 21 anymore. going to bed 21, waking up 22.