Wednesday, February 3, 2010

an increase.

since i got my car, i've had a scripture written on cardboard wedged next to my speedometer. It's luke 9:48 and Jesus says,

"Your care for others is the measure of your greatness."

I read the Scripture daily, and every single time have a "yeah. that's it," feeling towards my day, and my life. i pray a lot that God will increase my love.

i want to care care care about people.

when people ask me things like "what's God been showing you lately?" i've had basically the same answer for years. "here lately He's been showing me how to love people more. to care for human beings." hopefully, for the rest of my life this will continue. He'll just keep increasing my love, and showing me how to be a helper to the people around me.

God is so crazy about people. He's placed such a value on them, and He so wants His followers to feel the same love for mankind that He does. people around us need help, and we are called to be their helpers!

some good ways to care:
giving away your favorite pair of shoes, baking your dad a cake, mailing a package to a friend, buying somebody a book, making delicious coffee for your loved ones, going to the nursing home for a visit, offering prayer to a stranger