Friday, February 26, 2010

"i'm amazed by life and it's amazed by me."

from start to finish, it was even better than i imagined.
for going on 5 years, waterdeep has been my all-time top dog band.
which means for 5 years i've wanted to see them live.
last night, as a birthday reward, it happened.

just me & my big sis.

ate indian food, got lost, wished death upon 1-way streets, arrived at destination,
& listened to the best music i've ever heard.

"It's a long hard road with a good, good end
And if I keep on walking on past the crooked bend
I will meet my Maker
I will meet my Friend
It's a long hard road
With a good, good end"

p.s. thank you katie, for the best birthday treat possible.