Friday, February 5, 2010

and the tradition carries on.

every year my best friends and i take a jillion pictures of our Christmas-gift exchange. then post them all onto a blog.

this year was a bit different, because our girl tina received an eventful day, "Tina's Big Day," instead of a wrapped-up present. it was a really fun day, full of coldstone, fancy italian, jokes & laughs. anyways, this meant jordan and i opened up duet style. we sat in a parking lot next to a high school football field, turned on the dome lights of the scion, and opened up some merriness.

granted this is coming a few months behind, but it's better late than never, i always say.

jordan went first. because it was her car, and it was only polite.

her gift was a big box wrapped in Norris City Banner newspaper. which is exciting in itself.
in the top of the box she found a large bundle of garage sale-wedding magazines. (she's gettin hitched this summer, you're probably invited) Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the giving of a Dr. Seuss book. Jordan collects them, you see. this year's selection was full of clever, toothy rhymes. my best friend has great eye sight (20/20) and the dimness of the light did not stop her from cracking open this ambitious green book and reading me the story of teethe. her hand was doing a cute stretched out thing while it gripped the book, so i took a close-up picture to show you. then Dr. Seuss made a rhyme about how loosing a tooth could make you lose your life. it's true. here is an example of how this could happen. the next item in jordan's goodie suprise box was a homemade lacey skirt, made especially for her little toosh. want one? you can have one like it. so. she liked it, obviously. when you like an article of clothing you cuddle it up next to your face and grin real big. ("no! you gotta get really close to the dome light...closer..there. that's good," is the sort of stuff i was saying at this moment.) the bottom of the box: jordan's always wanted what you may call a salt & pepper hoodie. so i thought it was about time she get one. THEN. it was my turn. jordan's mom suggested she wrap all of mine separately, which was a good idea.

i was so curious. you can read the curiosity all over my curiosity was quenched with this best friend-screen printed-sweet tea photograph. next up. soft and bootish house slippers. they will stay pee-free. then jordan snapped a photograph of my sneak-peak head. inside of here, i think, was my favorite gift of all. a homemade journal. except it was dark and stuff, so we didn't really get a clear shot of it. but i write it in often. you can see it sometime. i also recieved a high-quality pipe. my great-grandma smoked a pipe, so i collect them to make her proud. here are 2 best friends with all of their best friend Christmas presents. we're so happy. praaaise Jesus. He's the best gift-giver of all, and He likes it when we follow in His gift-giving footsteps.