Thursday, February 11, 2010


the first day of being 22 years old went beautifully. here's how it happened.
woke up at 6:45 to a town full of snow. found out there was no morning prayer due to thick whiteness all over the ground. So. i opened up some good morning-sister presents, consisting of staaarbucks coffee, a travel mug, and juicy fruit. then went back to bed.

woke up for the 2nd time at 9:30. talked to my grandparents. parents. heard stories about the february 9th 22 years ago when i popped into the world, screaming.

made a cup of my new coffee in my new mug that came from my jordangirl.

wrote out cardboard Scriptures that say hopeful truths about life. & then taped them to the wall.

went to lunch with my favorite sisters, my favorite Korean, and my favorite Cami.
at Gloria's. a delicious little international eatery.

so i've always wanted to see my all-time favorite band play a live show, but it's somehow never happened. so over the lunchtime table, my katiegirl handed me a paper & envelope.

the paper described that she had found my band was playing this month in nashville, and that i was going to see them. she bought the gas cards to get me there. and gave me the cash for the tickets. hallelujah. i'm going to watch you, Waterdeep.

lunch was bbq crouissant & mango peach tea. meagy treated me. told you she was nice.

went & picked up my friend Carter. we drove to the nursing home & spread all kinds of birthday cheer. hung out with margaret, daisy lou, & ms. bynum.

this here's 92-year old daisy lou. we're holding up the big "22." my new age.
then we headed to the peddler's mall. because that's the perfect birthday location. treated myself to some reese's pieces.

we browsed for a long time. then hotdog, i landed my eyes on a fringy leather jacket & the price tag read 12 dollars. amen. fit me just right. double amen. when we got to the cash register, carter decided to buy if for me. triple amen.

went home. started on homework. it was interrupted by my ollergirl who had a humungous cup of hot chocolate for me.

then my eldest sister kara stopped by. with my main man siler randy. and a birthday balloon.

shortly after this, i looked out the kitchen window and saw a grey chevy pulling up to the house. that grey chevy was holding my parents. surprise! they like me and wanted to celebrate my birth with me. in kentucky.meagy hadn't yet got her fill of buying me presents. so we all tripped over to the local department store & she bought me some birthday jeans.

we were hungry now. so went to cracker barrel. because they give free dessert on your birthday. & that's important. meagy brought pooh bear birthday hats. so everyone would know this was no ordinary trip to cracker barrel. my 2 favorite men looked good in their hats.

my andrea girl gave me a Scripture painting, which always makes a meal even better. free peach cobbler for dessert.

back home. kara baked a cake & brought it over. then my pal richy came over & gave me some bubilicous bubblegum & soap. because we're bubblegum buddies.

8:00 pm. Bible study. birthday wishes. back home for sweet, 22-year old sleep.

i thought it may be a good idea to snap a photograph of all my presents. so i put the majority of them up on my stairs & did just that.

so far i really like being 22.

the next several hundred days are going to be spent well.

more love, more Jesus, less me.