Saturday, January 2, 2010

what Jesus can do with a person.

went to an annual Christian conference over new years. On the first night I saw some do-it-yourself henna ink in an India-ish looking booth. I sat down on a large Asian rug and began to ink the arms of all of my willing companions.

Then a lady, appearing to be an authority figure in the booth, approached us.

With henna, she wrote my name in Bengali on my hand, and then sat on the floor beside me for the next hour. We had the kind of conversation that you leave feeling you must have just been in God's will. The kind of conversation that was meant to happen.

She told me of her work in India. Her and her husband have been there for nearly 10 years and she works directly with girls who have been sold into sexual slavery. She said she could not simply sit back and do nothing, but realized she must share Jesus with women in India.

She told me stories of Indian women and girls who have been freed, and she told tragic stories of unthinkable evils. She talked about young Americans who have come to help, and whose lives have been changed. She shared statitistics about the country and the slavery. She described what it is like to enter a red light district in India.

She has seen miracle after miracle, and while the work is inconceivably difficult, the prize of seeing women freed from forced prositution makes her entire countenance one of victory and purpose. She knows she is doing the Lord's work, and one conversation with her was enough to catch her contagious passion for the enslaved.

Many of the women in her city who are freed begin making money by sewing and selling the items in several places, one of which being

In America or India or Uganda, I want my life to help. Teach me, Jesus.