Sunday, January 24, 2010

the kind of day you dream about.

hopped in the the escape and drove to nashville with katie and andrea. we did all the fun things that 1 day could hold. katie is an expert nashvhille-navigator, and I'm, well, not so I let her drive. We ate at a whole-in-the-wall Turkish restaurant, went to one cute little artsy shop after another, drank coffee and shared Jesus at Cafe Coco, bought a made-for-me wrangler jean jacket, then waited in a cold line to see the joyful All the Day Holiday play some music.
While waiting in the cold line, we met Jen and Nicole. who soon became our friends. After we got into the warm building, we made 3 more wonderful new friends. Amanda Joy, Sarah, and Brook. Man do I love meeting people! new friends are one of my favorite parts of life. It seems as though Nashville is especially warm and friendly on saturday evenings. We watched 4 bands, showed off some really advanced dance moves, and laughed our little tails off. Watching All the Day Holiday is enough to put scrooge in a good mood, so we were flying on clouds numbered 9.
I love friends and I love Jesus and I love when He gives me a perfect day.