Thursday, January 7, 2010

a gift from tina and Jesus.

last February I told Jesus that I wouldn't buy any shoes for a year. it has been an extremely difficult promise to keep. I told Him I'd use my shoe-spending money in more important places. but it's so hard. every time I enter a thrift store, I force myself to avert my eyes from the shoe section. and then I get these cravings, shoe cravings. I was having one of these shoe cravings monday night, thinking about how badly I wanted a pair of high-heeled ankle boots. I decided that as soon as February came around and my one year was up, I was going to march up to a shoe store and buy myself a pair.

then tuesday morning rolled around, along with a best friend gift exchange. tina and jordan came over, and we opened up some presents.

my present from tina marie?? a pair of high-heeled ankle boots.

the Bible promises me that if I make the Kingdom of God my # 1 concern, then God will give me what my heart desires. even shoes.