Thursday, January 28, 2010

about to bust.

i'm so crammed full happy right now that i think i may explode. then happiness would burst all over the room and i'd have a mess.

siler and i made our first cup of coffee this morning on my new early-birthday coffee maker. cha ching. the whole house smells like chocolate coffee. just fyi, my big day is in 12 days. you may want to get me a necklace or red socks or something.

this week was "new card week". i went to the public library and got myself a library card. my first check-out is "Run Baby Run." i'm doing some elderly lady-sitting tomorrow so will get to read a bunch. also got a kroger card. so now i'm ready for motherhood. i decided i'm going to start dispersing my business instead of giving it all to Wal-mart, the man.

i made a new friend. she's in my PR class. she's beautiful and her name's Jocelyn, which is a princess name. we ate at cracker barrel last night, which is a friendship-sealer. my doll of a sister ate with us and bought our meal. then we went to my campus ministry and Lee Williams spoke. he lost his entire family in a drunk driving accident and then God taught him how to keep going. it's amazing that a person can lose everything, literally everything, and then get through it because of Jesus.

siler was especially fun today. i have these carrot Christmas lights hanging up and he kept operating on them. he'll probably be some sort of famous surgeon someday. meanwhile, we'll just keep throwing rocks.

"Everything He does is wonderful." -mark 7:37 oh how i believe that, Jesus.