Wednesday, December 9, 2009

today is too much to waste.

sometimes all I really want out of my day is a long nap. I wake up in the morning with the thought, "can I make time for a nap today?" Throughout breakfast, class, driving, and lunch, I long for a date with my feather bed.

Monday was one of those I-want-a-nap-so-bad days. After lunch I came back to my house, sewed a little, and was fighting a losing battle with sleep. But something wonderful happened. I started thinking about Jesus. And I started getting thankful for the life that's in my bones. And I started being excited about being alive on a Monday afternoon. So I kicked my nap in the face, hopped in my car, and embraced productivity.

I went door-to-door selling calendars. (fundraiser for a mission trip, if you want to buy one or send me a $500 dollar donation, let me know) I drove to a random street and parked. Knocked on the doors of a lot of empty houses, got turned down once, and then got to about house #6. A middle-aged woman came to the door. I told her my business and she said, "I'm a Christian." She said she didn't have 10 bucks for a calendar, so I started to go on my way when she told me to hang on, and asked if I'd take a check. I would.

Her name was Rosetta and she invited me into her house, which smelt strongly of cooking meat. I had a seat and as she wrote the check she told me about her high protein diet, and her 3 daughters, and moving from a 4 bedroom to a 2 bedroom house, and massage therapy, and prayer.

She took me to her library, told me the plot of her favorite book, talked about the musical she's been writing for the past 2 years, and asked that I pray for different parts of her life that need to be changed.

I stayed 30 or 40 minutes, we exchanged numbers, and I'm going to visit her again soon.

While I only sold 1 calendar that day, I got something else really valuable, a new friend.

Next time I have the option of embracing my bed or embracing an alive afternoon, I choose the alive afternoon.

Jesus is my fuel. I win, sleep loses.