Sunday, November 29, 2009


over thanksgiving break my dad tore down some trees in the field behind our house. my uncle rance then took a bulldozer and shoved all the trees into a pile and lit them up. the result was a really enormous bonfire. by the time the fire was going, all my mom's side of the family was over for some post-thanksgiving visiting. so we all tripped out to the back field and watched the fire.

there was a really sweet and unusual smell in the air, and my grandma told me it was sassafras. then someone mentioned sassafras tea, which caught my fancy. so my grandma gave me directions on how to make sassafras tea.

woo wee. uncle rance got a hatchet and cut off some sassafras roots for me, i took em inside, washed em, and boiled em.
the water turned a pretty amber color, and i kept shouting to my family "it's so pretty! everyone has to taste my sassafras tea!" they were secretly really excited about it, too. so i stirred in some sugar and milk, poured it into some mugs, and served my family.

it tasted like rootbeer. most of them said, "ah, it's better than i thought it'd be." but they really weren't interested in drinking a mug full. but that's ok. because it was really fun. and i love making tea out of a tree root.