Friday, October 30, 2009

friendships can be made on the side of the road.

yesterday I took my nephew for a walk. we stopped in a parking lot to throw some rocks, then we moved on and found a good stick. there was a metal fence close by, so I had him hold the stick out and we ran along the fence, hitting it. siler was really into this game, so we did it a couple of times.

then there was this girl in a car, who I thought may have been watching us. She pulled up and parked, hopped out of the car, and jogged towards us with a camera. Siler and I were interested.

She explained to us that she was a photojournalism student at Western University and here for a project called the Mountain Workshop. She was really cute and smiley and asked if she could just take some pictures of us. Siler and I obliged.

So me and siler just kept having some fun with the stick, threw some more rocks, and this nice photojournalist and I became friends.

Then I said "Want to come over for some hot chocolate?" And she did.

We walked back to the house and the smiley photojournalist, siler, and I drank homemade hot chocolate in the yard, sitting on logs. She stayed for a good portion of the morning. I gave her a tour of the house, she told me about taking pictures at a dairy farm, siler showed her his animal-noise expertise.

we talked about coloring our hair, and pig farms, and rain.

Unexpected and wonderful and fun.