Sunday, October 11, 2009

being able to love what you do.

totally convinced that Jesus wants us to absolutely love everyday we're alive. our jobs included. i think the Most High God is 100% capable of making our dreams and our occupations mesh into the exact same thing. He definitly has turned my dream into a means of making money, in the form of LilyWhite designs. I mean, my best friend and i sew bags/garments, put a message about Jesus on them, and sell them. it's a dream. (

Jesus wants what's best for you. PLUS, He KNOWS what's best for you. ANNND He wants YOU to know, too! Seeking His Will is a great idea. He tells us in Matthew 7:7 that when we look for Him, we'll find Him. when we knock, He opens the door. gloray. ask Him what you should do, i'm certain He'll let you know. He's a good Director.