Monday, August 3, 2009

probably until i'm 94.

there are lots of things in my life, traditions, that i'm never going to outgrow. like church camp. i'm going to church camp until i'm 93/94ish. last week was a fresh-never-been-to-this-nice-place-one at lake salateeska. rich and famous compared to the not-so-high-class-one we've been to the past 3 years. there's this fancy lake with fancy canoes and fancy paddle boats that i made good use of.

so. beyond the rich and famous camping quarters, the Holy Spirit dropped by and changed me and the precious group of teenagers I was with. nothing like being with Jesus and that's certain. anytime you get a room full of kids whose purpose at that moment is to seek Jesus and His Will, awww that's the most exciting. rooms like that, full of those hearts, thrills God. I'm sure of it. sweet things happening in the high schoolers of southern il.

pretty pumped about serving the Living God.