Tuesday, July 14, 2009


"crocodile dock," vacation Bible school 2009 has hit us. my church gets sooo into vbs, it's amazing. the whole place is all decked out in swamp decor, you know, fishing nets, moss, crocodiles, etc. as the "swamp stomp" song leader, i fit into the scenery, sporting bibs and a fishing vest. monday through friday this week, from 6 to 8:45, there are about 60 kids having so much fun that they frequently squeal with excitement. this is the 4th year i've been given the sweet job of teaching wildly fun songs to vbs attendees. they're so affectionate and have me made out to be some sort of vbs celebrity, always giving me hugs and shouting at me.
aaahhhh it's good.

so tonight, this little fella sat down beside me, feeling especially warm towards me, and said, "you can call me tater tot if you want." i squeezed him and said, "alright, tater tot." ha. me and tater tot were sitting in the front with a good view of all the kids present. the combination of tater tot's kind demeanor and seeing all those laughing kids got me to thinking about how alive kids are. life is marvelous to a child. i'm not sure at what point most people stop seeing the dazzle of life, but i sure do know that i don't ever want to get to that point. the lively, warm, excited feeling of vbs simply comes from the hearts of a bunch of kids who are embracing life, and joyously learning about who Jesus is.

in Luke 11:36, Jesus said, "if you are filled with Light within, with no dark corners, then your face wil be radiant too, as though a floodlight is beamed upon you." yeah! Jesus was quite obviously crazy about kids, going to the extreme of saying we had to become like a child to even get into Heaven. i think Luke 11:36 is proven in children. i was watching a little girl tonight, with long brown curly hair, about 4 years old. i thought, "she's as beautiful as anyone on the entire earth." really, she was radiant. that comes from "light within, with no dark corners." take a gander at a kid today, you'll probably notice a sort of innocent beauty in their face. that comes from the Light of the world. thanks for kids, Jesus. i love them, and You. yessir. You are the Dazzle of life.