Thursday, July 9, 2009


today my top girl annie castle crossed the 4 hour great divide between us. she pulled onto the farm at about 11:30, looking all cute in her baseball cap. man. i absolutely love visits. yessss, seeing someone you're crazy about after a long break? not much better. i greeted her in the driveway, did a little dance for her, then she opened her car door and we hugged. bliss. she's laying on my couch right now watching the travel channel with my parents. prior to this, the 2 of us and my fabulous father went on a date to the movie house, viewing ice age 3. sid the sloth is the funniest. it's unanimous. tomorrow we're heading to missouri for some more quality visiting, including jessica lynn. THEN six flags on saturday. summmmmmer i love you. i'm so thankful for such a kind God.