Monday, December 31, 2018

How We Can All Have a Simple, Beautiful, and Good 2019 (guaranteed)

We sat next to her in the nursing home dining room. She played with a deck of cards made for the blind, braille in the corner of each card. 

She's been my friend for years, and when I'm in the U.S., I find myself sitting with her, listening to her nursing home tales, the horrors of her childhood, how much she misses her husband, and how much she appreciates my visits.

She really wanted to win the card game because the prize was a quarter. She didn't win, but when Dad and I hugged her bye, we left her a couple quarters. 

That's what Jesus is like. And He's making me and Dad like Him. 

It's so simple. And beautiful. And good. 

We sit with Jesus, we read what He says in the Bible, we talk to Him about it, we tell Him about the struggles in our hearts, we live in friendship with Him, He drives us to nursing homes with extra quarters in our pockets, He flies us to India to stay in orphanages and preach the Gospel to people who've never heard it.
It's all together; with Him, and with people. 

Jesus leads some to stay-at-home-mom-life, others to working-60-hour-weeks-dad-life, and some to all-over-the-globe-and-always-changing-life. No matter where He leads, following Him is always simple, beautiful, and good.

Have you noticed that it's easy to let your life be consumed with 4,508,398 things besides being with Jesus? I have. When He starts drifting to the back of my mind, things start seeming less simple, less beautiful, and less good. 

Luke 10:38-42* describes the scene Jesus wants us to live in. A woman named Mary wanted nothing but connection with Him, so she sat at His feet and listened to Him talk. There were probably other conversations happening in the room, and I'm sure many other things she could’ve been doing. But she knew there was only one thing in life that mattered, and that one thing is what she chose.

My life, inside of me, I want to stay like that; leaning in and listening to His voice.

“I have many things to do, but you’ve reminded me to just sit before God,” said the beautiful old Indian lady at a small church in India where I shared about Mary of Bethany. We're all like the beautiful old Indian lady, with many things to do, but God wants to remind us regularly, there's only one thing that's needed. 

 Loving Him completely and wildly, it's what He wants. "First love" He calls it in Revelation 2. He warns us in that chapter that first love can grow cold, that we can forget Him, that burning hearts can get dull. We get busy and we get distracted.  

But we get to sign back up! He lets us come back to first love! He un-distracts us and sets us back on fire! I sometimes let my interior life look away from Him, growing dull and tired, but then He lovingly beckons me back. His beckon always leads me to loving Him more, and loving people more. 

He wants to be loved and that's why we keep breathing. There's nothing fancier, bigger, better, or more important than lovingly interacting with God and then lovingly interacting with people. Jesus said it really straightforward in Mark 12:30-31. 

"'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.' The second is like it, 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself.' There is no commandment greater than these."

"Undistracted" is the word I want God to use to describe me in 2019. I'm going to live the year in love, with Jesus and with people. 
Will you choose to do the same?

Ask the Lord now, and then on a regular basis, 
"Jesus, help me to know how much You love me and help me love You back." 
Tell Him you want to obey the first and second commandments, and ask Him to help you. Read the Bible and have conversation with Him every day in 2019. It's simple, beautiful, and good. 

*As Jesus and his disciples were on their way, He came to a village where a woman named Martha opened her home to Him. She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what He said. But Martha was distracted by all the preparations that had to be made. She came to Him and asked, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister has left me to do the work by myself? Tell her to help me!” “Martha, Martha,” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Saturday, December 22, 2018

3 Incredible Steps to Help You with Sex and Christmas

Nothing can teach us about Christmas like sex work and a farm. 

Having just spent two years living in a red light district in Hong Kong, I was around a lot of people making sex decisions based on desires that had nothing to do with love. I handed those people cookies. 

Raised on a farm with pigs, I'm familiar with the smell of where animals live. Stink. 

The scent coming out of the hearts of people in the red light districts, I could recognize it anywhere. My heart's had the same aroma; farm animal dung. The fragrance of lust, jealousy, hate, pride; all sin smells like rivers of feces under the hog house, except worse. 

 Who would want to touch this place? Who would want to even look at it? The stench is thick. 

But then I remember Christmas.

Jesus, the light of the world, became a newborn baby and chose a stink and dirt-filled barn to be His first place to rest. His sweet, perfect, tiny God-body, laying there in the stench of animal manure. 

It showed us what He was aimed to do: make disgusting places His home. 

We've all got these hearts that have tendencies to get dirty, but what I'm finding is that Jesus wants to come in anyway. He enters the red light districts like He entered the dirty barn in Bethlehem, and like He continues to enter my own stinky messes. He loves being with us, and when we let Him, He cleans our stink. 

Do you want to have sex with someone you aren't married to? Or maybe you are having sex with someone you aren't married to? Or maybe you're super jealous and having trouble loving anybody? Or maybe you're just mean? 

Later, Jesus went to Matthew's home to share a meal with him (Matthew was a sinful traitor). Many other tax collectors and outcasts of society were invited to eat with Jesus...
-Matthew 9:10

I don't know what sort of feces is trying to stink up your heart, but I know the God who was born in a barn in Bethlehem. And He wants to come into that mess and rest there. He'll clean it if you'll let Him.   

Three incredible steps to help you with sex (or any other genre of sin) and Christmas; 

1. Recognize your mess
Examine your heart and get honest with yourself, then share those honest findings with God. 

2. Talk to Him about it
Tell Him what you're feeling, how hard it is, and everything else related to your mess. Depending on how far into your mess you are, you may need to tell God you're sorry (He loves to forgive). 

3. Invite Him in
Ask Jesus to come into your mess. Invite Him to clean it up and to help you listen to all the help and love He has for you. Ask Him to show you how much He loves you; pause and listen. Read the Bible. 

The Bethlehem Barn King sees you, sees your mess, and do you know what His Heart is filled with? Love. If you've been loving Him your whole life but find your heart in a mess, or if you don't know Him but want to, or if you're doing fine and dandy and mess-free and just want more of Him, invite Him in. To be close to you is what He wants this Christmas. 

After wrapping the newborn baby in strips of cloth, they laid him in a feeding trough since there was no available space in any upper room in the village.
-Luke 2:7

Then Jesus said, “I am light to the world and those who embrace Me will experience life-giving light, and they will never walk in darkness.”
John 8:12

Monday, December 17, 2018

making home

I had on my grandpa Carl’s cap, with a Delta pin from my nephew stuck in it, a bandana from my dad and earrings he made. The purple suitcase was a birthday present from my parents. Those jeans were hand-me-downs from my uncle Rance. My mom bought the shoes and that green scarf I stuffed into my suitcase was from my friends Brittney and Julie. My friend Kelley packed her bags the same day and we left together. 

I just moved back to America and am staying on my parents' farm. 

The little girl was sitting with her mom outside of the hostel in the red-light district. She was about four, from East Africa, and eager to make a new friend. She drew a picture for me on a scrap piece of paper. There was a house and grass, a home. I tucked the artwork inside my Bible. 

A couple years later, Jesus and I were talking to each other in the floor of a children's home in northern India, colored markers and Bible in front of me. Two girls from the home found me. I smiled, let them know they were free to use the markers, and kept reading the Bible. A few minutes later, I looked up to find my red-light artwork had new colors all over it, more houses and flowers added to the page. I smiled at the proud Indian artists and tucked it back into my Bible. 

Kids living in hostels in red light districts, kids living in orphanages, and everyone else on the globe- we all want a home filled with love. 

We're sons and daughters of the living God. 

He's safe and He's home. 

Home is something deeper and more than walls with a roof. The structure doesn't give the deep down feeling of home that everyone longs for. Only God does. Home is living with Jesus inside of us (John 15:4). He's looking right into all of our heart homes right now, wanting to fill them and make them more completely His, filled with His fellowship and with family. 

Beautiful, good, and forever; the home He's making in me. Jesus, the Homemaker King, is making home inside of His people that will last forever in Heaven. Colors, family, really good smells, twinkle lights, mercy, love that never ends; my home in Heaven is getting decorated and Jesus only decorates with unbelievably good stuff.

"My Father's house has many dwelling places. If it were otherwise, I would tell you plainly, because I go to prepare a place for you to rest."
John 14:2

For two years, I spent a lot of nights in a lot of places, learning to trust Jesus as my home in the middle of the nonroutine. I started carrying twinkle lights in my purse. As days and nights stayed un-predictable, I found a safe place in God's presence. He's always the same, He's always comfort, He's always hope, He's always mine. I hang those twinkle lights and I rest at home, my heart filled with His love, no matter where in the world I am. 

Back on this farm I grew up on, in this house my dad built, Jesus is here with me like He is when I'm 8,013 miles away. 

On the flight that moved me from Hong Kong to America was my mom, dad, and Terry. Terry was a Chinese man who studied the scribbled Scripture I gave him, holding it in his hand like a mystery he was interested in discovering. He let me pray for him. A few minutes later, he said, “This is a very nice experience, you blessing me.” What God wants to do is bring Terry into His family, hold him on His lap, tell him how special he is, and make him feel at home.  That's what God wants to do for everyone. 

He puts home (Heaven) inside of us and then helps us share it with little girls in red light districts and orphanages, with co-workers, with neighbors, with Chinese men on planes. 

Heaven is made of family. On Earth, we get to experience Heaven through Jesus' company and then we get to bring Heaven into each other’s lives. 

Read John 14:23. Invite the Holy Spirit to do what He wants in your heart home today. Ask Jesus to show you how much He likes being with you, pause and listen. Then write a note, give a present, share your time, talk about Heaven; help someone feel at home today. 

-Jason Upton

No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.
-1 John 4:12

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Oh, Hong Kong

“But did I do a good job?” I feel like a 3 year-old. God’s not surprised, and He's giving me the affirmation I'm looking for.  

It’s been a wild two years and three months. 

It was an unpolished “yes.” But I handed it to Him anyway. He said “thank you,” smiled, and held it like a treasure. The good He made out of that jagged weak thing is still going. 

Years ago, in a time when thinking about the future created stress, I was riding on a bus in Hong Kong, wondering if I was supposed to move back here. I wanted to, but didn't feel qualified, didn't know how it could work out. On that bus ride, Jesus put a picture in my head that was so pretty and so big, it shoved all the stress out. I saw myself dancing like a little kid, standing on Jesus' Feet. He decided all the steps, and all the impressive graceful movements were His. I just held onto Him, and looked up into His face. It was easy. And He made me look like a good dancer. 

My parents are in Hong Kong with me right now. It's the fifth time they've flown across the world together to hangout with me. Five times they’ve taken off work, locked up their house, paused their lives, and loaded onto an airplane for a 15-hour flight to see their youngest daughter. They don't fly to where I am so I can impress them, but because they really like me. And they feel proud of me simply because I'm their kid. God's like that.

I've lived a messy, weak, regularly-falling-apart life in Hong Kong. Here at the end of my time in this city, I've been terrified that God is disappointed. 

But God's been silencing that fear with the most gentle and steady “Good job, Lover.” He calls me lover! And His “good job” has this sense that it’s not about the “job” but more about just the way I am. He's enjoyed our time together in this place. He knew how messy it was going to be when He moved me here, but He also knew I would look at Him and that love inside of me would grow. 

My first year living here was spent crying in the floor because I missed my family. But in the middle of my intense homesickness, I was helping start a safe house for girls leaving the sex industry. We named it “Family Home.”

Oh the things He can do with weak attempts to love! 

When I wasn’t crying in the floor, wondering what my loved ones were doing and how long I was going to have to live here, I was sitting in the living room with my new African roommates, eating with them around the kitchen table, hearing stories about their families back home. We read the Bible together, we worshipped together, we came closer to Jesus together. Before we knew it, we’d become our own sort of family with each other. When we let Jesus lead us, He will always lead us into intimacy with Him and He will always lead us into family. 

I’ve sat with Him in an attic in the Philippines, on porches in Thailand, in children’s homes in India, on an island in Malaysia, in gardens in Hong Kong, in a hotel room in Sri Lanka, in my farm bedroom in Illinois; these simple quiet moments have kept my feet on His. He's danced me through nations. Man I love Him. His eyes are made of fire and His heart contains endless wonder! Those morning memories we’ve been making for years; cups of coffee, colors scribbled in a journal, His mercy covering my failures, red words written in the Bible getting written across my heart; they’re our intimate history, they're our dance, and they're making family grow. It's really simple what He's wanting; for us to experience His love and to love Him back. Let's read the Bible! Let's talk to Him! Let's let Him dance with us!

My family has a lot more variety and color in it than it did two years and three months ago. People who give me money to live on, friends who pray for me, Africans who joined their lives with mine, colleagues who had slumber parties with me, ladies in prison who hugged me tight when I walked into their world, Indian girls who opened their hearts to Jesus in front of my eyes; I've got a lot of family. Dancing with Jesus has made it grow. 

He can take failures and make beauty out of them. I’ve watched Him do it for two years and three months. 

In a few days, I’ll be flying back to America shame-free, with His "good job" written all over my heart, sitting right next to my mom and dad.

"Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone, but if it dies, it produces many seeds."
John 12:24

*pictured with my Julie, my Brittney, and my Kelley (colleagues who became family), in a bus on our way to a slumber party

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Being Close : The Lovesick Evangelism Tour 2018

When we searched for and found two unreached people groups in India, we were chased out of both villages. But we left groceries, prayed, and learned more about God’s nature as a searcher. He’s searching for a Bride. 

We’ve been loving through Southeast Asia for 46 days today. After 13 flights and six countries with lots of kids, pastors, trash dumps, cries, support, and bowlfuls of rice; many more human beings know that being close to God and being close to each other- it’s the “being” He has created us for. 

Missionaries in India, raising their kids in a town that’s half Muslim and half Hindu, giving their lives away for their Muslim and Hindu friends to know the Savior of the world; they hosted us and fed us and let us into their extraordinary days. 

Kelley and I had a nasty fight in a small town in southern India. After several mean words were thrown, we turned our attention to Jesus, sitting at His feet in the hotel room with Indian horns honking loudly on the street, and listened for His voice. 

A taxi ride and few minutes later, we stepped out of the car into a parade; it was held in our honor by 70 kids who know how to launch yellow flower petals and drum a cadence and set off fireworks and squeal their affection all over us. 

God’s like that. We have a fight, our self-centeredness beams bright, and He throws yellow mercy-soaked flowers on our heads. 

Adam on the flight from Malaysia to Singapore, a young guy from England, just found out his dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He felt guilty that he’d started praying since the diagnosis, only because he wanted God to do something for him. “Do you think that’s bad?” he asked. I told him that big beautiful truth: “God likes the sound of your voice, Adam, and He likes hearing it even if you’ve been ignoring Him for awhile.” Adam spent the next hour asking questions about God and what to do with suffering. By the time the plane landed, Adam, Kelley and I had held hands across row 23 and asked Jesus to help Adam and his dad, holding them close. 

We went to a church on a mountain in Kalimpong, India. “I have many things to do, but you’ve reminded me to just sit before God,” said the beautiful old Indian lady at the end of the service. 

It was a simple sermon. And similar to the ones I’d been sharing around India- Jesus enjoys our company and wants more of it. As my friends and I prayed for the ladies, Jesus met with them and showed them how kind He is. They cried and He hugged. 

That little boy, about 11, wouldn’t stop holding my hand. We were in a church in a garbage dump in Manila. And there was a little girl, bright eyes and pretty smile, who was determined to stay by my side. She sat on me, hugged me, kissed me, smiled that smile at me. 

“Gosh. This must be a little glimpse of how God feels when I give Him my attention.”

God made us to be like Himself.

He is the loves-being-loved Lord Jesus. The reason I enjoy when a kid chooses to lather their love all over me is because I’m like Him. He loves when we love Him.

I didn’t know what to do so I started braiding hair. Those kids in the trash dump in Tanuku, India keep showing us God’s Heart. It’s got “the broken,” “the poorest of the poor,” “those who suffer” written all over it in all caps. I’m not sure her hair had ever been washed, but it’s now been french-braided. 

Pastors in India, driving a little car with huge pans of rice in the back to feed 200 hungry people every day, then going home to the 30 kids they’ve brought into their family; they drove us around and shared with us their dreams and showed us more of His hold-mankind-close desires. 

The missionary who hosted us in Thailand wouldn’t let us wash a dish. Not even one. We had hours to pray and eat and sleep and let Jesus hold us. 

Living at His feet, aware of His wanting-nothing-but-to-be-close-to-us style; He’d like to make it a lifestyle for all of us.  

Isaiah 60:13
“I will glorify the place of My Feet.”

I want to live at His Feet- looking at Him, listening to Him, feeling His eyes look right at me, both of us in love with each other. 

There sure isn’t anything wrong with praying before bed. But God wants more than that. In and out of approximately 452 cabs in the Philippines; many of the drivers responded to questions about knowing Jesus with saying they pray before they go to sleep. That’s wonderful. But He’s wanting un-interrupted, 24/7, love-filled dialogue. May He get it from all of us. 

Our team, comprised of beauties from Michigan to South Africa, have been warrior-esque. We have bonded and prayed and cried and gotten frustrated and learned and God’s made love inside of us grow.

There were other foreigners around, but that day, the little boy and girl in the Philippines picked me to be the recipient of their time and attention and hugs. Being chosen feels nice. 

Us choosing, volunteering, to give God all our love, choosing to be close to Him; it’s what He’s always wanted and it’s what He will all ways want. 

The Gospel is being preached and Jesus is getting a Bride. With my own brown eyes and small but growing heart, I’ve watched Him reach down and touch nations with fire-like affection. It’s quite a sight. There has been a large pretty assortment of people and churches involved in the Lovesick Evangelism Tour. Thank you very much. Jesus is excited about all of us and we get to live close to Him, in love. 

Isaiah 62:12

And you will be called Sought After.

Monday, November 12, 2018

hope sat the table

In one of my favorite towns in the world, in southern India, we took nine kids who live in the garbage dump out to eat. They wore their nicest clothes and hugged me so tight I thought my heart might explode all over them. 

I have no idea what it’s like to have a mom who makes me dig through the new garbage every morning and beats me if I don’t find enough sellable items. 

The kids had never been in a restaurant. Their eyes were wide and filled with wonder and it was one of the prettiest scenes I’ve ever lived in. They sat at the table as royalty, with their bare feet, and they ate chicken and fish and drank soda and Heaven’s symphony played a pretty melody that filled all of our hearts. The Great King smiled and nodded. 

What I do know is that we all need the same thing: love. And lots of it. And I know where it comes from. 

The smallest boy sat on Kelley’s lap. He’d never used a spoon before, but as he watched her eat, he wanted to try. He clutched it in his fist and, three grains of rice scooped at a time, committed to using that spoon for the rest of the meal. I think he could tell Kelley was proud of him. 

As they were loading into the vehicle to go back to the trash, the smallest boy, who doesn’t know how old he is (none of them do), kept clinging to me. I held him and kissed him and kept telling him, in my poor Telegu, “Jesus. Jesus is good. Jesus is happy. Jesus.”

Being in God’s presence-just being with Him, talking and listening-we experience love there. Friendship with Jesus fills us with more-than-enough-and-we-can-do-anything-because-of-Him love. I needed the little boy to know that. 

There was desperation in his hug. His arms were begging us to take him with us. To keep up this holding and tickling and loving. He didn’t want it to stop. We couldn’t take him with us, but the source of love, King Jesus, was going back to the dump with him. I wanted him to know this, and that he could talk to Him and trust Him and cry to Him. As I mumbled out my broken Telegu words, he looked up at me and shook his head in agreement. 

The little boy and his eight friends who are sleeping in the city dump tonight- would you ask God to protect them and to lead them and their families out of that place? 

If you want to give to the ministry that’s feeding and loving them, you can do so through this website, and write “hope” in the note. We will send it to them. 

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! 
‭‭1 John‬ ‭3:1‬ ‭

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Monkeys, Camels, Goats, and a Holy Moment

The Indian dress I pulled on this morning had B.O. soaked into the armpits so I sprayed perfume on top of the odor.

We drove to an unreached people group, the Koya, and after five and a half hours, we reached the jungle to begin the two-mile hike to find the one Koya man left in the village. 

The perfume was a gift from my girls in Hong Kong. The scent is called “family.” It covered the odor nicely. 

Today is the biggest Hindu holiday, Diwali. So Jesus escorted us on a lovesick adventure to find some people who need Him. 

Family is the story. 

My hands keep smelling like oranges. We’ve been living on a steady diet of white rice, oranges, and chai. 

When we got to the edge of the jungle, to where the big temple is, we asked a couple for directions. They told us that only one man lives in that jungle village now, everyone else moved. 

The monkeys came out of the trees and came close, wanting the bread in our hands. 

The direction-giving couple were Hindu, kind, and Jesus was wanting them. So we told the best Story ever told. We told them the Creator is a really good Father who wants us to know Him. They listened to the love-filled words that keep living through centuries and bringing sinners into Heaven. And right there, in front of the Hindu temple and the jungle, on Diwali, by the monkeys, they said they wanted to enter into conversation with the Hero of the Story. So they did! We prayed and they told Him He was welcome into their lives. The Hero smiled and touched their hearts with His gentle Hand and into His family they came. 

The hike ended at the one man’s house. From inside, he yelled that he had a knife and would come out and kill us if we didn’t leave. So we sat our bread outside his house and we left. We prayed and sang the whole back through the jungle. 

When we first started sharing those love Words with the listening—intently couple, they took their sandals off. I think they knew a holy moment was happening. After their first ever prayer to King Jesus, we asked them to listen for His voice for a few moments. They did. “I feel like I’m coming closer to God” the man said.

God’s affections, they’re pouring out of Him. “I want you to come into My family!” He’s singing loudly and beautifully to the angry man in the jungle village, to the couple by the temple who said “yes” to Him, to my fellow-hiking friends, to all the Diwali celebrators, and to me.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

How Love Grows

It’s the story with the tall tree. I’ve read it about 3 million times. 

This morning I sat on a patio behind our hotel and read it again. The tall tree, a sycamore, helped bring a mean man into the company of Love Himself (Jesus). And love grew. This tale continues to impress me. 

He wanted to see who Jesus was, but because he was short he could not see over the crowd. So he ran ahead and climbed a sycamore-fig tree to see him, since Jesus was coming that way. When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.” So he came down at once and welcomed him gladly. All the people saw this and began to mutter, “He has gone to be the guest of a sinner.” But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.” Jesus said to him, “Today salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham. For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”
Luke 19:3-10 

Intimacy with Jesus-living aware of Him, in conversation with Him, in love with Him- is the purpose of life. Jesus wasn’t interested in glancing up at Zacchaeus from several yards away, He wanted to get close, touch him, and hangout in his house. As the sycamore held that little sinful man up in the air, he was able to see Jesus’ eyes, hear Jesus’ voice, and feel Jesus’ invitation into close companionship. So he climbed down and they went home together. 

He’s the God who calls us out of trees and walks with us into our houses and there He makes love grow. He wanted to be with Zacchaeus in the place where he lived. The space where he did his eating, his relaxing, his day-preparing, his world that was private and unseen by the outside. This is the space Jesus still wants to come into- inside of me, inside of you, inside of mankind.
Our hearts are His interest, and He wants to stay with us there. And where He is, love is growing.

We’ve been on The Lovesick Evangelism Tour for 23 days. 

We’ve been driving through mountain roads in God’s Heart lined with pine trees and longing, finding the villages He’s been wanting to flood with love. We’ve been feeling His desire for all these people who don’t know Him, and His desire for us. 

I’m living with Him inside of my heart and He’s touching places deep in there, and love is growing. I’ve still got immaturity, doubts, unfruitful spots in my life, but He’s drenching me with love and all those places are being amazed by His mercy. As I pray for people of other faiths in villages, my own heart gets changed, too. When we let Him touch us, love happens. Zacchaeus went from being a mean selfish man to a kind generous man, because Jesus’ company always makes love. There’s no one like Him. 

I still want to be a sycamore tree. Helping people see His eyes, hear His voice, feel His invitation, and launching them into intimacy with this Man- more of Him is what we all need. He is the lovesick God. 

“So he scurried down the tree and came face-to-face with Jesus.”

Luke 19:6 TPT